“Over the past two decades Adriana Cecere the founder of Consulting Australia has started, developed and sold multi award winning businesses, before Business Leaders approached her to help them with knowledge and skills to help their business succeed and reach its next milestone. The Team and Associates at Consulting Australia take pride in the service we offer to Business Leaders across Asia Pacific to become the best version of themselves and work together to align, grow and develop their business. We Guarantee Results for our clients. “


Consulting Australia established to help Business Leaders become the best version of themselves, and drive their business to the next level. Consulting Australia is a Management Consulting firm, we take ownership of recommendations and work along side our clients to help them achieve their desired results, meet their next milestone, and overcome the greatest of challenges.

Each client’s situation and challenges are unique, we take an initial dive deep into the business to understand core issues and strengths, then align all departments, organisational structures, financial goals, develop personalised systems and processes to set up the business to scale.

The programs consider the business exit or succession plan and have been developed by the Founder from proven methodologies of over two decades of personal and business experience of starting, developing and selling over ten award winning enterprises. These learnings have been articulated into program blueprints – with a solid system, built with elements of flexibility to offer each client a customised version of the Growth Accelerator Program. Consulting Australia has a portfolio of clients across Asia Pacific, helping them align, transform and grow their businesses in various industries and each in different stages of the business life cycle.

Simple Strategies to Success

Are you a business leader or industry professional, wanting to review your current success and circumstance, then re-align and plan for a successful future with profound change in mind?

Simple Strategies to Success will guide you through the steps to take a deep dive into your life and business to transform yourself and your business to gain the success and rewards you really want,, set off a foundation of purpose to translate into sustainable long term results.

About the Author

“Adriana is a Best-Selling Amazon Author and sought after business consultant. ‘Simple Strategies to Success’, is an invaluable resource for businesspeople

‘Simple Strategies for Success’ is a blue print about setting goals and achieving positive results in business and in life. “

– Media Release featured at Bondi Chamber of Commerce

In 2017, Adriana Cecere was recognized by Consulting Magazine, New York, as a Global Leader for Excellence in Innovation.



We are in the early stages of establishing our business and Foundry is growing fast. I was feeling overwhelmed with multiple issues from cash flow to delivery and a lack of systems.

Adriana brought clarity around our product, pricing and delivery models and improved our processes. Her input has allowed us to scale gracefully while simultaneously delivering quality service for our clients.

What helped us most was her unique blend of deep experience with multiple enterprises combined with her understanding of the human, deeply personal side of what people bring to their businesses. She has been a great coach to me and my staff, encouraging us to implement many positive changes while nurturing and supporting us at the same time.

Lindsey Brown , Managing Director

Blow Dry Bar

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Adriana at BDB.  In the short time I had worked with Adriana, her insight and knowledge to strengthen a brand allowed me to not just better improve my own development but really implement true strategies that impacted the business’ bottom line in a positive way.

She was always patient, and willing to work together to generate new ideas.  If I was to ever open my own business, I would definitely recommend Adriana as a consultant to really help a business flourish; be it big or small.

Jess Pollock

Havas ENT Clinics

I had the pleasure of working with Adriana for several months and during that time found her to be extremely driven and passionate.

During the time I knew Adriana she faced many difficult tasks and I would go as far as to say that she was pivital in the improvement of the company morale at the time. She brought organisation and purpose to an otherwise unmanaged office and gave staff members a true understanding of their role within the company.

Adriana is always a true professional. She also has compassion and understanding which enhances her ability to communicate well with colleagues.

I believe Adriana would be a tremendous asset to any company and would complement any role.

Janelle Best

Browns Consulting

Services provided over the time for Brown Consulting have varied from training of junior staff organising  filing, labelling of binders.

Adriana and her staff have always been warm with responsive personalities, they work quickly and are very flexible