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4 Ways to Get Honest, Critical Feedback from Your Employees

4 Ways to Get Honest, Critical Feedback from Your Employees

by Roan Carucci. Harvard Business Review.

I recently observed a town hall meeting where a new leader had just been promoted to run his division.  In his introductory remarks, many – including me – were struck by his declaration, “One of the things you’ll find is that I’m very self-aware and open to feedback.” Even from the side of the room, I could see the eye rolling.

Over my 30-year career working with leaders, I’ve heard many declare such self-enlightenment. But telling people you’re self-aware doesn’t mean you are. And while we know that higher self-awareness leads to better team performance, unfortunately, research suggests that most people aren’t very self-aware at work.

Being a self-aware leader and scoring well on your 360 feedback review is important. The action of deep dive into your organisation to enhance its performance is also imperative to THRIVE.

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