The BackPocket CEO

Clarity + Planning + Mentoring = Business Transformation

Our customised programs help smart people in smart organisations develop and succeed. By enrolling, you will unleash your business potential to become the best version of yourself, grow and align your business to meet its existing needs and the succession plan.



This business mentoring program will help you get more of the right stuff done faster. You will gain clarity, direction, an action plan and be supported to be held accountable to achieve your goals. You will learn key scalable systems to grow and optimise your business using processes that Adriana has used since 1996 to grow companies and help Business Leaders reach their potential.

direction-aThe first step in this program  Adriana will draw on her business experience, and gain insight in to yours to allow you to see more clearly what to do and where to focus.

developmentYou and your team will develop new skills and tools in a variety of areas that are essential to grow your company.


supportAdriana has ridden the same emotional rollercoaster you’re riding as a business leader and entrepreneur. As a business coach and mentor, she will support you with a balance of empathy and encouragement.

accountabilitySetting business goals and committing to them in writing dramatically increases your chances of achievement. Adriana will help you set your business goals, devise a solid business strategy and give you the tools to achieve them.

The BackPocket CEO

Our signature range of  business programs are developed by Adriana Cecere, who has been labelled “the BackPocket CEO”. Specifically for those who need the advise and support of a quality CEO yet aren’t big enough or ready to employ one full time. Adriana provides a unique service to business leaders to help them become the best version of themselves and take their business to the next level and meet long range milestones through a series proven business growth and organisational alignment programs which are customised to each clients unique scenario.

The signature range falls within these 3 categories:
Power Session, 30 Minutes a week with the BackPocket CEO.
The Growth Accelerator INTENSIVE Program, The Growth Accelerator TRANSFORMATION Program, The Growth Accelerator OPTIMISATION Program.
Strategic Planning
Power Session, 3D Review and Assessment,The Growth Accelerator INTENSIVE Program, The Growth Accelerator TRANSFORMATION Program, The Growth Accelerator OPTIMISATION Program.

What clients said, “Adriana has the ability to very quickly identify a business’s strengths and areas to improve, then recommend and draft an action plan for Business Leaders, CEO & or the Board focused on how to improve their organisation with diligence in the fastest possible time frame”.




During your one on one power session, we will focus on issues you need to focus on most. In the session you will gain clarity, guidance and an action plan to confidently take your next step to meet your personal goals and business milestone.

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3D Business Review and Assessment

Most businesses start using our service with a 3D Review and Assessment. Our 3D Discovery process is a structured seven step system for complete business performance, and leadership discovery and analysis. It is one of the most detailed Reviews and Assessments on the market. We use strong, collaborative methods to gain a deep understanding of your personal and professional goals, the business and its operational challenges prior to a formal project proposal. This ultimately leads to a better solution that generates greater long term value and an extended positive return on your investment. In fact, we only take on projects where we can demonstate a positive ROI. Using an effective series of calls and meetings that requires 4- 6 hours of your time over about 3weeks, we will identify your foundation, high level key challenges you will encounter as you scale, and the core issues you are facing. From there we design an Action Plan that, once executed, ensures your goals and business are aligned and able to meet and exceed your growth targets without operational interruption or failure. We charge a flat fee for each 3D Discovery Review and supply of the Diagnostic Business Assessment.

We often apply a partial credit of this fee towards the execution of any projects scoped in the final project proposal.

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30 Minutes a week with The BackPocket CEO.

This is our signature Growth Alignment INTENSIVE weekly group program for Elite professionals starting in business ownership or in a management role. The members of this Program will gain skills, take home tool ready to implement what they learn each week immediately after each weekly group session. 30 Minutes a week with the BackPocket CEO, is for the time poor and budget conscious professional. Often pressed for time or located in rural areas that don’t offer this type of programs. The weekly educational session and measured accountability aspect of the program transforms your mindset, develops your personal and business skills and confidence.

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                                                             THE GROWTH ACCELERATOR PROGRAMS

                                                                                                                   developed for clarity, growth and alignmentbusiness-transformation


The Growth Accelerator INTENSIVE Program. 

You will gain Clarity, Confidence and a Strategic Plan to pursue your greatest levels of success.

This 6 week fundamental intensive coaching program will help you kick start your career or business with new skills or hon your seasoned executive skills and gain fresh clarity to take your next steps to achieve your personal goals and next business milestone.

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The Growth Accelerator TRANSFORMATION Program. 

The powerful coaching helps identify, address, and resolve issues and further accelerate your business growth, and reach greater levels of personal and business excellence.

This 12 week customised program will bring you clarity on your true business performance, a strategic Action Plan we will work though together to transform your business met its milestones and be set up to scale aligned with your personal goals and business exit plan.

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The Growth Accelerator OPTIMISATION Program. 

This program is for high–achieving Business Leaders and Industry Professionals with a Success Mindset.The Powerful Coaching and measured personalised accountability support, allows you to further accelerate your Success, and achieve higher levels of personal and business excellence.

This 6 month mentoring program is fully customised your needs. We will connect weekly to keep you on track and Adriana will be available in between sessions as a sound board.


  • Regular 1-on-1 calls with Adriana Cecere where you work on:
  • High-level business development strategies
  • Discussing challenges, highlights, strategic ideas on your action plan
  • Scaling and Systemising
  • Increasing your fees and being seen as the leader in your market
  • Perfecting Client engagement and services so they recommend you as an authority in your market
  • Fortnightly 1-on-1 “Advisor” calls with Adriana Cecere where you work on:
    • Measured Accountability
    • Strategic Goal Setting
    • Mindset Coaching
    • Productivity

Scientific research has demonstrated only a 0.1% difference between the genetic make-up of all humans. So, at the level of high-performance, it is the very tiniest of shifts in perspective that play a huge role in distinguishing the highest of achievers in all areas.

These tiny shifts in perspective have the biggest impact for those like you who are already achieving and creating close to or at world-class levels.

Coaching is powerful and impactful, and I help my clients make these tiny shifts that equate big change.


  • 30 minutes a week with The BackPocket CEO for Elites group call –
    • ½ hour of education, open Q&A, and gain advice in the weekly THINK TANK.
  • VIP invitation to workshops and events with other high-achieving Business and Industry Leaders.

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