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The Secrets of Great CEO Selection

The Secrets of Great CEO Selection

by Ram Charan. Harvard Business Review.

Nothing good comes of having the wrong CEO. Mentoring, coaching, senior team members with complementary skills, and special help from the board can’t compensate. The misses are devastating—and very public. Yet some boards still pick chief executives who aren’t right for the job—repeatedly. The revolving doors at HP before Meg Whitman, at Apple before Steve Jobs’s second tenure, and at Yahoo during the past decade are only a few of many recent examples.

Doing a good job as a Chief Executive Officer requires experience, management and leadership skills. It is now common for CEOs and Boards to obtain mentors to help their performance and organisations THRIVE.

The Backpocket CEO by Consulting Australia

At Consulting Australia we offer a signature range of programs and services to help a business thrive. Part of these programs include Coaching and Mentoring by Adriana, branded the BackPocket CEO. Helping Business Leaders at all stages in their career and for Businesses at all stages of the business lifecycle to Align, Develop and Scale.

The signature range falls within these 3 categories:

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